Permanent Wooden Deck Sealant

Giving a wood deck some tender, proper care is important because the elements tend to cause damage over time. Direct sunlight, rain, dirt and ice eventually take their toll, causing cracks or moisture problems to appear.

Are you struggling to learn how to seal a deck or breathe life into worn wood? Call our expert Seal Smart team to restore and protect your deck for 25 years or more!

The Best One Time Deck Sealant

Protecting your deck with Seal Smart is the best choice for wood protection. Here are a few benefits of opting for a permanent wood sealant:

  • Penetrating deep into wood while increasing strength and durability
  • Prevents further deterioration from moisture damage
  • Easier maintenance
  • Restores wood, as close as possible to its natural color

Seal-Smart Wood Sealant creates a permanent, effective seal against moisture, acids, molds and more while strengthening wood. New or old, Seal-Smart Wood Sealant will add years of life to your wood structure.


How Seal Smart Delivers Stunning Wood Surfaces

Wood grain is filled with microscopic pores that make it vulnerable to moisture damage. Seal Smart is a revolutionary sealant that soaks into these tiny openings and hardens into a high-tech solid.

The first part of the Seal Smart process involves in-depth cleaning. We apply a non-toxic cleaner and eliminate dirt, old wood coatings and any signs of moisture damage.

Finally, we carefully apply our advanced Seal Smart wood sealant, enhancing the wood’s shine while providing a surface that is practically impervious to changing seasons.


Enjoy Durable and Amazing Wood Surfaces

The Seal Smart cleaning, preparation and sealing process can bring any wood exterior to life. In addition to a spectacular deck, you can enhance the look of countless other surfaces:

  • Gazebos
  • Fences
  • Wood cabins
  • Pergolas and arbors
  • Wood railings and staircases
  • Balconies and terraces
  • Docks

The look and feel of wood adds a relaxing atmosphere to your home’s exterior and makes a perfect backdrop for summertime barbecues. Thanks to Seal Smart one time deck sealant and fence sealer, your home’s wood spaces can look incredible for ages.


Why Choose Us

To have a durable and beautiful deck that truly lasts ages, it’s important to work with wood professionals and choose the best wood sealer. With the Seal Smart advantage, you’re not covering over existing wood problems. Instead, we completely rejuvenate deck surfaces.

As fully licensed, insured and bonded installers, we focus on amazing customer service and satisfaction. A free consultation gives us the opportunity to understand your design vision for the home’s exterior. To make an appointment or request more information about Seal Smart, contact us right away!

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