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What Is Our Commercial Concrete Sealing Process?


The commercial concrete sealing team at Seal Smart has been in business for 18 years. We’ve mastered the science and engineering of commercial concrete sealants, and our teams can complete a job to your satisfaction.

Take a look at our commercial concrete sealing process from start to finish.

We Assess Your Concrete Structures and Property

The first thing our team does is assess the concrete structures and property before we apply a single drop of our penetrating concrete sealant. We’ll examine the size of the job and the layout to determine how best to proceed with our equipment. 

Seal Smart Positions Our Trucks for Efficient Use of Our Hoses 

Everything we need is on the trucks or trailers we bring with us. The only thing we might borrow from you is a standard hose spigot or two, so we can distribute water properly.

Our trucks and trailers will be as close to the concrete as possible, so we’ll try to park close to the area. The bigger the area we’ll cover, the closer we will want to be. We’ll keep our trucks and trailers off the concrete surface itself, of course, so that we can work on it.

Our Commercial Concrete Company Will Cover Nearby Non-Concrete Surfaces

Our commercial concrete sealants are made from silica-based substances like silanes, siloxanes, and/or siliconates. These substances are environmentally friendly and harmless as organic compounds. Nevertheless, we will cover non-concrete surfaces just to make sure our penetrating sealants don’t discolor or damage anything nearby.

We’ll cover metal poles, wooden structures, plants, landscaping, windows, and doors close to the concrete project. Our team will also ask your staff to move any vehicles away from the worksite so we can get our trucks and trailers positioned properly.

We Scrub and Clean the Concrete Before Applying Penetrating Sealant

Next, we scrub and clean the concrete surfaces with professional washers and commercial-grade products. The overall goal here is to remove any dirt, grime, grease, mold, mildew, and fungi that might interfere with the effectiveness of the penetrating sealant. 

After we clean the entire surface, we rinse away the soap and cleansers to make the surface ready to accept the penetrating sealant.

Seal Smart Prefers a Wet Surface to Work With

If it’s raining, that’s no problem at all. In fact, rain helps us to do our jobs more effectively. The penetrating sealants require water to work properly. The water rinse after we clean helps the sealant seep more readily into the concrete, where it reacts with the silicon hydroxide. Once the reaction takes hold, a solid resin forms to repel water from getting into the substrate of the concrete.

Once we spray our penetrating commercial concrete sealant over every surface, our main work is done. Then we remove the covers on the nearby items, clean up everything, and leave your concrete protected for 25 years!

Ask Seal Smart About Professional Concrete Sealing for Commercial Properties

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