Deck Sealing – Arkansas

Before cleaning- Notice paint and mold
After cleaning, notice how much healthier the wood looks
The cleaners and brighteners we use are Non-Toxic, but we still tape off siding, windows and cover plants to protect your home.
After sealing, notice that beautiful shine to the wood? That’s just the beginning of the Seal Smart benefits!
Another view of the Sealed Deck! Guaranteed for 25 years!

Cabin Seal – Missouri

In the process of sealing the cabin top to bottom!
After the sealant is applied, the cabin is back to it’s original luster!
Cabin before sealing
Cabin after sealing – protected from the elements!
Before the sealant
After being sealed this cabin will be protected from the elements for the next 25 years!

Cabin, Deck, and Pergola – Arkansas

Cabin before being sealed by Seal Smart
After the sealant, the cabin is back to it’s original luster!
Cabin after being sealed by Seal Smart – guaranteed for 25 years!
Pergola before being sealed
Our technicians in action while sealing the pergola
Pergola after being sealed – Now it’s protected it will retard moisture!
Wood accents on the home before being sealed, and our technician taping off the rest of the building for protection.
After being sealed by Seal Smart – Wood is back to its original luster!
Deck before being sealed
Deck after being sealed by Seal Smart – 25 year guaranty!

Wood Deck – Georgia

You’ll never have to Seal Your Deck Again! Our 1 time application will protect the wood from moisture, which causes rotting, decay, molding, and more!

before sealing
before sealing, wood is deteriorating due to moisture
after cleaning and sealing
After using Seal Smart this deck could turn heads!