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Seal Smart’s proprietary penetrating sealant soaks through the wood and fills all the voids that wood naturally has.

The Sealing Process

Seal Smart is dedicated to providing the highest-quality sealing services for our customers. We have developed an advanced process and proprietary sealant formulation for every application. Learn more about the sealing process at Seal Smart. Need more information? Read our Seal Smart reviews from satisfied customers!

Prepare the Work Area

At Seal Smart, we always go above and beyond to ensure every customer is happy with their results. In addition to using the best wood sealer, we take the time to prepare the work area before getting started. By covering and taping nearby surfaces, windows, siding, and plants, we make sure that your home’s exterior remains protected.

Technician spraying a wood sealant on a deck

Clean & Brighten the Deck or Patio

For the best results and strongest protection, it’s important for us to clean surfaces properly before sealing. This allows the wood sealant to penetrate completely and set properly. Cleaning also helps to restore the appearance of older decks. Seal Smart experts can remove years of built-up dirt, mold, mildew, and stains.

These principles also apply to patios, driveways, and garage floors. With a thorough cleaning and our Seal Smart process, concrete looks like new and stands up to the elements like never before. We remove grease, oil, and stains, so concrete surfaces can really shine.

Permanently Seal the Surface

Our Seal Smart one-time deck sealant is very different from commercial wood “sealants” that only last a year or two before wearing off. Seal Smart penetrates completely into wood or concrete and hardens into a solid, creating a permanent seal. Essentially, the sealant becomes part of the structure of a deck or patio.

This creates an impenetrable seal against moisture and stains. Rain, wind, snow, and melting ice are no match for the strength and durability of our signature Seal Smart sealant. Mold and stains become a thing of the past, and you don’t need to worry about refinishing ever again. Check out our Seal Smart reviews for more information on what our satisfied customers say about our deck sealing company!

technician spraying seal smart wood sealant on a deck

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