Masonry Sealant

Whether you’re building a beautiful patio or creating the perfect landscaping, you take pride in the masonry that you choose. It makes sense to choose the best protection for your investment. At Seal Smart, LLC, our experts combine work of the highest quality and high-tech masonry sealants to give surfaces a waterproof shield against the elements.

The Best Masonry Sealant Services

It’s important to protect your home from moisture. We offer complete masonry cleaning and sealant services. Here are a few exterior and interior areas that benefit:

  • Brick exteriors
  • Garden walkways
  • Stone patios
  • Outdoor fireplaces
  • Granite flooring
  • Cement block basement walls
  • Stucco or adobe surfaces

The first step is to give surfaces a thorough cleaning. As certified professionals, we know the best way to handle granite, marble, brick and stone. We always use the right tool for the job, leaving flooring, walls and outside surfaces spotless. Afterward, we take care of sealant application from start to finish.

The Benefits of Seal Smart Masonry Sealant

Our high-quality masonry sealing provides a night and day difference for your home’s exterior. They restore the clean appearance of brick or stucco while delivering permanent protection. Here are a few incredible benefits:

  • Solid moisture barrier: Our masonry sealant keeps moisture out. This protects brick, concrete block and stone against mold, acid rain and dampness.
  • Unmatched durability: Our expert masonry sealers help to prevent the formation of cracks in brick and stone. This applies year-round, keeping masonry safe from the effects of freezing weather and spring thaws.
  • Attractive masonry appearance: Sealing the microscopic pits in stone and brick keeps dirt from accumulating. That way, you can go longer without worrying about deep cleaning.
  • Effortless cleaning: The same dirt-resistant properties of Seal Smart also make cleaning masonry much easier. Instead of scrubbing trapped dirt endlessly, you can use a hose or pressure washer to clear away soil quickly.
  • Clear protection: Unlike cheap surface sealants that yellow with time, our Seal Smart products go on clear and stay invisible for the life of your masonry. That way, you can see the full depth of color of granite or brick.

The secret to this unparalleled protection is that we go beyond the surface. Our commercial-grade silicone sealants reach into masonry and seal it completely. This enhances your home’s curbside appeal.

Why Choose Us

At Seal Smart, LLC, we put our hearts into keeping your masonry looking just as breathtaking as when you first installed it. With certified pros and high-quality products, we provide unmatched protection. That’s a promise. Our masonry sealant services come with our famous 25-year guarantee. Whenever you search for “masonry sealing companies near me,” make sure Seal Smart is the first name you call. For more information, contact us right away.

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