4 Deck Maintenance Tips

Keep your deck looking gorgeous all summer and fall by taking care of some deck maintenance tasks. Preventative maintenance is a great idea before winter to protect wood against snow, ice, and freezing temperatures. These four tips can make the job easier:

1. Inspect Your Deck Every Year

It’s easy to take for granted what the deck has to withstand on a daily basis. Performing an annual inspection — many homeowners like to check their deck after the spring thaw — can prevent small issues from turning into big problems. Here are a few things to look for:

  • Split boards or wood splinters: Take care of splintering boards as soon as possible. The longer you wait, the more moisture enters the wood and the deeper the cracks. In many cases, split boards need to be replaced.
  • Rotting wood: Just like splinters, rotting wood will only get worse with time. The best course of action is to cut and replace the affected portion of the wood.
  • Loose nails: Popped nails can lead to accidents and loose boards. Many deck installers these days prefer to use deck screws for a tighter grip.

If you detect loose nails, what should you do? If the nail is only slightly elevated, you can gently hammer it back into place using a nail set. Never hit a loose nail using just the hammer. This can damage the surrounding wood.

Get rid of any nails protruding from the wood. Use a nail puller or a pry bar with a wood shim underneath to keep your deck safe. Afterward, secure the board with a deck screw.

2. Spread Out Maintenance Tasks Instead of Doing Everything at Once

Many people like to do a deep cleaning once a year, but you don’t need to wait that long. Investing a little time every month for lighter cleaning can make yearly wood deck maintenance much easier.

Clear away branches and leaves, get rid of dirt, and dry any pooled rainwater. This can prevent mildew problems. If you avoid letting dirt and debris accumulate, your deck will stay scratch-free longer.

3. Clean Smarter, Not Harder

Contrary to what many homeowners think, scrubbing your deck with a bristled brush isn’t the only option for removing dirt. As long as you pick the right cleaning solution, a power washer is perfectly capable of getting rid of stains and soil.

The right way to use a pressure washer is to hold it at least 8 inches from the wood, angled away from you, and keep the stream moving. Don’t keep the stream pointed at the same place, otherwise, it can lead to tiny pits in the wood.

4. Don’t Attempt to DIY With Deck Repairs

Replacing a section of the board doesn’t sound that difficult, right? Actually, you’ll want to call a pro for this one. Boards tend to shrink over time depending on moisture content, so if you’re not careful you can end up with wood that is too high or too wide. Our wood deck maintenance experts are happy to take care of this kind of repairs as part of the Seal Smart process.

The Secret to the Best Deck Protection

To minimize the amount of time needed for yearly maintenance projects, call our Seal Smart, LLC professionals for permanent deck sealing. Our state-of-the-art wood deck seal completely permeates each board, delivering unmatched protection against fading, rain, snow, and ice. Permanently sealed decks only need a light superficial cleaning (with a broom or garden hose) to stay spotless all year long.

Make your life easier and enjoy an incredible deck at the same time!

The surface of the new teak deck. Radial cutting of wood. Selective focus

How Often Should You Seal Your Deck?

The surface of the new teak deck. Radial cutting of wood. Selective focus


Sealing your deck is a vital part of protecting it. Sealed decks simply last longer. Using a high-quality wood sealer can also add to a deck’s attractiveness, enhancing rich tones and highlighting the rustic natural grain. But like many homeowners, you might wonder how to keep your deck protected from the elements, including how often you need to reseal it.

When Should I Reseal My Deck?

You should reapply wood sealer at least every three years. In many cases, you need to seal a wood deck once a year. The more foot traffic and sun exposure your deck gets, the more often you need to apply deck sealant. The type of product, the thickness of the sealant coat, and the mold/salt protection also affect the lifespan of wood sealer.

What Does Resealing Typically Involve?

The first step in getting ready to apply another coat of sealant involves giving the wood a deep cleaning with a power washer or scrub brush. Next, you need to sand the entire surface to ensure a level appearance. Finally, you can apply a stain or sealer using a paint roller, paintbrush, or spray tool.

Is it really worth the effort of going through this entire process every year? Investing in wood sealer is necessary if you want to enjoy an attractive deck for ages. You would never drive your car without insurance, and you should never leave a beautiful deck without protection.

Why Do Decks Need Durable Protection?

No matter what the weather is like where you live, your deck undergoes a constant assault from the elements. Here are a few of the dangers to a beautiful deck:

  • Sunlight: A sunny day is enjoyable for you and your family, but it puts an unprotected deck under stress. If your deck sealant has worn off, the wood underneath can fade rapidly due to UV rays.
  • Rain: Excess moisture is the enemy of decks everywhere. As rain penetrates small cracks in the wood, decks can start to rot. Mold and mildew issues are common results of leaving a deck without a dependable wood sealer.
  • Wind and salt: Ocean breezes feel refreshing, but they can do a number on exposed deck surfaces. Over time, this dry air can damage unprotected wood, leading to splinters.
  • Dirt: Foot traffic has a tendency to grind any pebbles or dirt into the wood. This can cause scratches or noticeable wear patterns. The only prevention for this is to apply the best deck sealer.
  • Chairs and furniture: The habit of dragging metal chairs across the deck can also create deep scratches in the wood.
  • Ice and snow: Freezing and thawing cycles in cold areas of the U.S. are a major threat to wood decks. If any moisture gets inside the wood, it will expand during wintertime, leading to significant cracks.

With a high-quality deck sealant, wood surfaces have a solid shield. This can protect against moisture, UV rays, heat, and other types of damage. The best deck sealer does even more.

How to Give Your Deck the Best Protection

At Seal Smart, LLC, we understand that many homeowners just want to enjoy spending time with their families. A stunning deck is perfect for sharing a meal together, entertaining friends, and having a great time. You shouldn’t have to worry about time-consuming deck maintenance. With the best deck sealer, you don’t have to.

Our wood sealer penetrates completely into the wood instead of merely resting on top. This provides unmatched protection against moisture, cold weather, mold, salt, and dirt. With Seal Smart, you don’t have to worry about resealing your deck for 25 years or more! Give your deck the best protection right away and schedule an appointment with our professionals.


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Rain drops on wood deck with sealant

When Should I Seal My Wood Deck?

wood deck sealant

Stunning decks are the pride and joy of homeowners. To make sure your deck lasts forever, protecting it from excess moisture is vital. Wood deck sealer is one of the best ways to take care of a gorgeous deck. How long should you wait before sealing?

How Long Should You Wait to Seal a New Wood Deck?

It’s important to protect new wood from UV damage and fading. At the same time, some woods maintain a fair amount of resin and natural oils after installation. As a general rule, expect to wait approximately 30 days before scheduling professional deck sealing. However, in the case of intense wood grains such as cedar and mahogany, you may want to seal the deck earlier — perhaps within one or two weeks.

When is the Best Time of Year to Seal a Deck?

The ideal outside temperatures for deck sealing are between 50 and 90 degrees. Usually, late summer and early fall are the best times for deck restoration and sealing. However, if your area experiences typically drier springtime weather or summertime temps that don’t get too hot, you can likely schedule deck sealing anytime between early April and late October. The best time of year to seal a deck always depends on the average weather changes locally.

What Kind of Weather is Best for Deck Sealing?

Unless you’re working with professionals, finding the best weather forecast for cleaning a deck and applying a sealer is one of the trickiest aspects of deck sealing. Ideally, for cleaning, you need a cloudy day to avoid drying out the products. For applying sealer, clear skies are best for ensuring even application.

When it comes to deck restoration pros, however, you don’t need to worry about the weather at all (unless it’s pouring down rain). Our experienced professionals use the best techniques, the best equipment, and the best wood deck sealer so that we can guarantee incredible results in many different kinds of weather.

What is the Best Way to Seal a Wood Deck?

At Seal Smart, LLC, we give deck surfaces excellent care. This ensures the best adhesion and an incredible appearance. Here are a few ways we transform worn decks into jaw-dropping outdoor spaces:

1. Deep cleaning: Our professionals thoroughly scrub and clean every inch of wood surfaces, including edges and cracks.

2. Drying

3. Repairing


Once the deck is ready to receive the best protection possible, our team starts the Seal Smart application. Our pressurized system distributes the seal uniformly and in the right amount to preserve your deck’s natural beauty while providing unparalleled year-round protection from the elements.

How Often Do You Have to Seal a Deck?

With an ordinary deck sealer or multi-purpose stain, you have to go through the cleaning and sealing process every three to five years. Since these products rest near the surface of wood, they eventually wear off. Some cheaper sealers only last a year. Can you imagine having to seal your deck every year?

Things are different when you choose a premium Seal Smart wood deck sealer. This penetrating sealant creates a waterproof shield in every layer of wood, protecting against moisture, mold, and mildew from deep within. Our Seal Smart process comes with an exclusive 25-year warranty. In other words, once our team restores your deck, you don’t need to worry about sealing ever again.

Why Choose Us?

At Seal Smart, LLC, we treat your deck to the best protection and care possible. Enjoy decades of breathtaking sunsets, unforgettable outdoor entertaining, and refreshing family moments. Learn more about our deck restoration services by contacting our team right away.


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Large wood deck in Arkansas after sealing by Seal Smart

Deck Sealing – Arkansas

This expansive deck in Arkansas needed some TLC, and Seal Smart delivered!

Before cleaning- Notice paint and mold
After cleaning, notice how much healthier the wood looks
The cleaners and brighteners we use are Non-Toxic, but we still tape off siding, windows and cover plants to protect your home.
After sealing, notice that beautiful shine to the wood? That’s just the beginning of the Seal Smart benefits!
Another view of the Sealed Deck! Guaranteed for 25 years!
Brown wooden deck restored to its original color after sealing by Seal Smart

Wooden Deck & Fence Sealant – Oklahoma

Look at this wooden deck and fence sealing project completed by Seal Smart in Oklahoma.

Before being sealed and cleaned
After the sealant — Good as new!
Privacy fence before sealant
Sealed Privacy Fence, now the wood is protected from moisture which causes decay, rotting, and more
Wooden privacy fence returned to its brown color after sealing by Seal Smart

Fence Seal – Oklahoma

This wooden privacy fence looked dull and gray, until the team at Seal Smart rejuvenated it and returned to its original luster!

Fence before sealant
Fence is now 23% stronger and protected from the elements!
Before sealing
Fence after sealing with Seal Smart – the wood goes back to its original luster!
Man on portable crane prepping a wood cabin for sealing by Seal Smart

Cabin Seal – Missouri

The sealant for this beautiful wood cabin is guaranteed to last 25 years thanks to a professional job by the team at Seal Smart.

In the process of sealing the cabin top to bottom!
After the sealant is applied, the cabin is back to it’s original luster!
Cabin before sealing
Cabin after sealing – protected from the elements!
Before the sealant
After being sealed this cabin will be protected from the elements for the next 25 years!
Rustic wooden cabin in Arkansas after sealing from Seal Smart

Cabin, Deck, and Pergola – Arkansas

This gorgeous rustic cabin in Arkansas looks completely different after Smart Seal cleaned and protected all of the wooden elements.

Cabin before being sealed by Seal Smart
After the sealant, the cabin is back to it’s original luster!
Cabin after being sealed by Seal Smart – guaranteed for 25 years!
Pergola before being sealed
Our technicians in action while sealing the pergola
Pergola after being sealed – Now it’s protected it will retard moisture!
Wood accents on the home before being sealed, and our technician taping off the rest of the building for protection.
After being sealed by Seal Smart – Wood is back to its original luster!
Deck before being sealed
Deck after being sealed by Seal Smart – 25 year guaranty!
Missouri poolside and wooden deck, protected thanks to Seal Smart

Pool Deck Protection: Concrete & Wood, Missouri

Pool concrete before sealing
Wood before sealant – protecting brand new wood from aging
Concrete after sealant, it’s now protected from the elements
Wood after sealant, now protected from exposure to moisture
After Seal Smart’s one-time application, this homeowner’s investment is protected!
Wooden elevated deck at the back of a house after sealing view from the back

Wood Deck – Georgia

You’ll never have to Seal Your Deck Again! Our 1 time application will protect the wood from moisture, which causes rotting, decay, molding, and more!

This gorgeous wooden deck is in a country home in Georgia.

before sealing
before sealing, wood is deteriorating due to moisture
after cleaning and sealing
After using Seal Smart this deck could turn heads!