Our Mission

Preserve the beauty and life of your wood, concrete, and masonry with the environmentally-safe Seal Smart sealant. The sealant for wood products is guaranteed for 25 years. A one-time application of the Seal Smart system forms a permanent bond with wood, concrete and masonry, making it up to 23% stronger and creating a protective barrier against moisture. It is our mission to protect your most valuable asset, your home.

Our History

The Seal Smart sealant was created over half a century ago to strengthen and harden wood telephone poles and bridges that were exposed to the harsh Northern weather and elements. We started using the sealant for decks in 2005. With humble beginnings, we started in Monett Missouri with 1 crew. Now we are throughout the Midwest with over 15,000 customers and expanding! Business Opportunities are available!

Our Team of Employees

We are the best in the business and only hire the best employees – From management, to our staff in the call center, our estimators that visit your property, to the installers who perform the process – Your satisfaction with our product and service is our top priority and you’re going to be treated with the best customer service. We’re not afraid to get dirty to protect the investment of your home!